Testimonial Vishal Somaiya, Director at Miles Holidays

Miles Holidays is a travel agency based in Mumbai. Vishal Somaiya and his team offer to their clients exclusive experiences around the world and organise stunning events for MICE movements or weddings.

He visited Northern France on the occasion of a familiarization trip organised during the annual trade show Rendez-vous en France.

We took the opportunity of his visit the get his views about Indian travellers and this upcoming destination: Northern France. In this interview, he explains what are the expectations of individual Indian travellers nowadays, and how Northern France is a good destination to answer their needs.

“[…] We visited Chantilly, we visited the Champagne area and right now we are in Lille; and it has lot to offer: there is culture, wine tasting, champagne tasting and the old town in Lille is also really nice. […]”

“[…] you could give them a Chantilly region, which is just about 20 minutes from Paris. At the end of the tour they could stay there for about 2 or more nights, relax after really tiring holidays. […]”

“[…] Lille is very good place as well; there is casino out here which is not around anywhere. The food is great, the old town is fantastic, the small boutique shops where one can shop at. […]”

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